The Mindful Misfit: 365 Days of Delight

The Mindful Misfit: 365 Days of Delight is part of my effort to pay more attention, to find meaning in my life today.

I found that I tend to live my life either dreaming of the future–the time when all the elements for a happy and satisfying life finally come together; or dwelling on the past–what might have been, mistakes, missed opportunities, etc. I live as if today doesn’t really count, as if everything that matters, everything that has meaning, is somewhere else. In some other reality than today’s reality.

But life is today. Now. The happiness, contentment, satisfaction, peace and love I want in my life is present here and now. Every day of my life is filled with these moments. All I need to do is pay attention. Seek, and ye shall find.

So my commitment is to find and record, through photography and writing, one moment of every day in 2013. A moment that otherwise might have been consumed by anxiety, dissatisfaction, disappointment, or simply the monotony of everyday life.

These are my 365 Days of Delight.

January 2013

February 2013

March 2013

April 2013


4 thoughts on “The Mindful Misfit: 365 Days of Delight

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  2. kensbackhome

    Fantastic idea! Now the hard part will be deciding each day which one of those wonderful moment you will share… 🙂

  3. Will Wiebe

    YES…. Life is today, this hour, this moment! Important that we live mindfully and be in the present moment, in all that we do, say and actions we choose. I see this as an opportunity to give voice to all that I want … and to capture the moment, hour and each day in visual photography is so rich in delight! Thank You!

    Will W

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