April 2013

Day 91 (Apr 1)


I’m tired today and struggle with getting actual work done. But I have an epiphany on my way home from a 12-hour workday: I was fully present with every guest I encountered today, despite my fatigue. The reason? I’ve been working on being gentle and patient with myself, allowing myself to simply be and feel. The more I can be present with myself, the more I can offer the same to my guests. And sometimes that matters more than anything else.

Day 92 (Apr 2)


Mother Nature is helping to make waking up at the crack of dawn more palatable. The sunrise does more to pry my eyes open than a strong jolt of caffeine. And now with this profusion of blossoms entering into the mix, I can almost tangibly feel the energy of the life force pulsing and breathing new life into everything, including me.

Day 93 (Apr 3)


These mourning doves have chosen to make their nest just outside my office. I watch them fly back and forth, searching out the right twigs and blades of grass for their new digs. And twig by twig, blade by blade, their creation manifests. They are an example to me as I find myself seriously procrastinating on a very important but very complex project at work. No need to be cowed by the scope of this project, I tell myself. Twig by twig, blade by blade, your own creation will manifest.

Day 94 (Apr 4)

Back Camera

I love these moments when I come home from a long day and just sit in the quiet for a while. Letting my mind slow down, my body unwind, my spirit breathe.

Day 95 (Apr 5)

Back Camera

I’m running late for work and the train stops in the tunnel due to rush hour congestion. My first instinct is to fume with impatience and frustration. But I take a deep breath and realize that, at the tail end of a very hectic week, life has given me a moment of pause. So I let go of my impatience and lean into the brief respite.

Day 96 (Apr 6)

Back Camera

I love fireworks. They always give me a visceral sense of being part of something larger than myself. These fireworks tonight celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossoms and the arrival of spring. I can feel my heart exploding in awe with every burst of light.

Day 97 (Apr 7)


I love spring. The brilliant sunshine, the colorful blossoms, the cheerful song of the birds. The sense of newness of life, the knowledge that, no matter the darkness of winter, nothing can hold back the energy and force of life.

Day 98 (Apr 8)

Back Camera

One of my favorite days of the year: the first truly warm day of spring. As I make my way home from work tonight, it’s still warm enough that I don’t need my jacket. I drape it over my arm instead and enjoy a leisurely walk to the metro station.

Day 99 (Apr 9)


Today is one of those days when I’m just happy to be alive, to observe and marvel at the colorful and fragrant blossoms now bursting into life, the golden sunset bringing a warm glow to every corner of the city, and that collective lightening of spirits that sweeps across humanity with the advent of spring.

Day 100 (Apr 10)


Days like today make me think of that line from the Calgon commercial — “Calgon, take me away!!” This is my “Calgon-take-me-away” moment right here. Thank God for comfort food.

Day 101 (Apr 11)

Back Camera

Best remedy for a day defined by low patience and high irritation? A happy hour mojito with a good friend. Followed by a long and solid night’s sleep!

Day 102 (Apr 12)

Back Camera

I love my job. I have poured an unprecedented amount of energy and effort–the physical, mental and emotional kind–into it from day one. And I’m excited to see how my labor bears fruit over the next months and even years. BUT. Right now I’m just as thrilled that it’s Friday night, and I get to relax at home with an excellent novel and the anticipation of the weekend.

Day 103 (Apr 13)


After a typically long and drawn out, frustrating morning at the DMV, I finally succeed at officially transforming myself into a Washingtonian. My new driver’s license is another symbol and affirmation of a new beginning, a fresh start.

Day 104 (Apr 14)

Back Camera

Another sign that life is changing and starting anew: packing up to move. I’ve been dreading the whole packing process, as I detest it more than almost anything else in the world. But tonight I conquer the hardest part — getting started.

Day 105 (Apr 15)

Back Camera

Rough day today. Kind of like having to dodge giant bowling balls hurtling towards you. And all with annoying migraine symptoms to make things more interesting. But I battle through, do my best to face down the bowling balls, and finally make it home where I collapse in front of the TV.

Day 106 (Apr 16)

Back Camera

I am happy to be on my way home with my stash of oatmeal and other purchases. Despite hurdles at work and at home, right now, sitting in this metro station, life feels good. I am content.

Day 107 (Apr 17)

Back Camera

It has been a trying week. I feel as if I am being tested at every turn. So far I’m still standing, for which I am grateful. But weeks like these, days like today, make me realize just how much it means to have a home to go to at the end of the day, to have my own bed in which to curl up and lay down my burdens for a while.

Day 108 (Apr 18)

Back Camera

These cards represent items on my to-do list, and tonight I can tuck half of them away in the “done” file. It is such a good feeling to finally get that thing done that you’ve been putting off for so long.

Day 109 (Apr 19)

Back Camera

I am excited to catch my first televised New York Mets game on TV, courtesy of the Washington Nationals. I’m a huge Mets fan, but since I don’t live in New York, I don’t get to see televised games, so this is a treat for me on this stormy Friday night.

Day 110 (Apr 10)

Back Camera

My scarf makes me happy today because it’s chillier than I expected it to be. I did not wear a coat, and I threw on the scarf more as an accessory than a necessity. But now I am infinitely grateful for the extra warmth it provides.

Day 111 (Apr 21)

Back Camera

I am realizing that I’ve been allowing myself to be diminished at work over the past couple of weeks. Out of fear of failure — or success — I’ve been allowing people and circumstances to drain me, drip by drip, of identity and confidence. So I begin right now to find ways to refill my tank.

Day 112 (Apr 22)


For the past couple of weeks I have been letting my meditation time bow to the pressures of time and the various demands of my job and life. And I’ve been feeling the adverse effects quite keenly. This morning I make meditation a priority by carving out 10 minutes in my morning routine. I feel the difference already.


Day 114 (Apr 24)


I skipped yesterday’s entry. A rough day preceded by a rough week left me feeling at the end of my rope, depleted. Today I’m grateful for resiliency, for the ability to bounce back from adversity, just like this tree with its new spring buds.


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